Poems And Her

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Oganga Mangiti
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Poems And Her

She was the poem,
Even before I ever sat down to write it;

She was love,
And everything that came of it;

She made me feel,
Emotions that only the poetry could make me feel,

She saw pieces of me,
That I strived to push out;

And every day,
I fell a little bit more in love with her;

That was it,
She had become poetry.

© Oganga Mangiti

I constantly appreciate the love and support.

My debut poetry anthology, “Love & Pain” is a poetic anthology on the darkness of pain, and the beauty of love; all told from raw emotions, and laying of the soul bare; through poetry that speaks to the soul, and eventually results in healing. The book is divided into two main chapters; The Book of Pain, and The Book of Love.

The Book of Pain, is a collection of poems that helps to deal with pain; at times taking it head on, or viewing it from the side-lines, but nevertheless, letting you the reader experience the emotion of pain through words.

The Book of Love, is more of like the chapter of life that comes after the storm; when you are trying to pick up the pieces after the troubles and pains have settled.

“I hope that while reading it, you will find healing through the appreciation of pain, and find love, through a deeper understanding; that what happened, had to happen, in order for you to get to a point of genuine happiness and harmony with what was, and what is.

Love and Pain is a journey meant to be experienced in its entirety.”

The limited edition of “Love & Pain,” is currently running. To find out more about it or get an eBook copy, click the above link, titled “limited edition,” or any of the links on my Linktree here.

Love and light.

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Oganga Mangiti

Oganga Mangiti, is a self-published poet & author | Best Seller and top writer | 2020 Bakanal De Afrique Fellow | Author of Love & Pain; To Heal A Broken Heart.