Moving Forward

Short Poems

Oganga Mangiti
1 min readSep 23, 2022


Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash

Moving Forward

I guess we now understood,
That we had to let some things go;
In order to move deeper into our journey,

It was never personal;
We were just never aligned in that way;
And the voice inside us grew louder.

© Oganga Mangiti

I constantly appreciate the love and support.

Self-published author of “Love & Pain: Limited Edition.”

“I hope that while reading it, you find healing through the appreciation of pain, and find love, through a deeper understanding; that what happened, had to happen.”

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Love and light.

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Oganga Mangiti

Oganga Mangiti, is a self-published poet & author | Best Seller and top writer | 2020 Bakanal De Afrique Fellow | Author of Love & Pain; To Heal A Broken Heart.