I Love Bananas And Those Who Guard It

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Oganga Mangiti
3 min readJul 21, 2022


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I was talking to her a couple of weeks back; she thought I had a weird stomach because every time I eat bananas, I get this nasty stomach ache that never seems to end. She further went on and on, warning me that my love for bananas will one day kill me if I don’t get it checked… I eventually zoned out, because she was attacking my love for bananas. Please don’t tell her I zoned out; she’ll kill me before the bananas do! However, I felt attacked, so this is a poem about my love for bananas and those who guard it, like I do. Enjoy the piece.

I Love Bananas And Those Who Guard It

Vunja mifupa…
Kama bado meno iko?
No, I mean the slogan they use,
When you are out exercising your theoretical rights;
How foolish of you to think everything is about dance;

Utumishi kwa wote?
Wote; a Kiswahili word that means;
The collective majority;
But where I come from, the majority is neither collective,
Nor an actual majority, an actual majority has a say;

Remember that pledge they made us recite every morning?
The passing cloud,
Eventually passed;
The cockerel still rules;
And we are all happy the one thing we have in common is Maziwa from a different era;

Back to the force,
Oops, I mean service;
They wear blue now;
I know they used to wear blue before;
Now it’s a lighter blue; a happier, more colorful blue;

Utapepetwa… Ball?
Of course, I’m talking about football,
Youths in “low income estates” are forced by the force,
To choose between kupepeta ball or being the ball,
I wonder though how someone could be a ball,

But this poem was about my love for bananas;
I honestly do love bananas, but funny enough;
Whenever I eat bananas, I get this nasty stomach ache;
Must be because…



Oganga Mangiti

Oganga Mangiti, is a self-published poet & author | Best Seller and top writer | 2020 Bakanal De Afrique Fellow | Author of Love & Pain; To Heal A Broken Heart.