Dancing With The Devil

A short story on heartbreak and pain

Oganga Mangiti


Photo by Timisola

I met him last night.



Oh!!! him … What happened?

I really don’t know, plus it wasn’t planned. And it hurt, it hurt bad. He was with another girl.

Wait, did he see you? Or what do you mean by, you two met? Also, what did you expect?

She was pretty Ciiku, and that’s what hurt the most,… and I stalked him all night, that’s what I mean by we met. I heard he was back in town and I couldn’t resist. I wanted to see him, I needed to see him.

Why do you keep doing this to yourself Ciiru? He moved on, you have to as well. You have to let him go, plus you have only yourself to blame on how things turned out between the two of you.

I know, I know… but what I would give to go back in time, for him to see me, like he once did. For him to have seen me last night, as I stole glances, hoping he would have noticed me.

But you broke his heart Ciiru, what do you think would have happened when he saw you? Do you think he would have taken you back? Walked up to you, held you in his arms and kissed all the places that now hurt?

I was young then, I didn’t know what I wanted, and had we ended up together then, I would have hurt him.

But you did hurt him Ciiru, you caused him so much pain, … and the worst thing is, he still loved you despite it all. He simped for you hard, and there were times I honestly felt sorry for him.

How could I have known that I had feelings for him then? How could I have known that they were as deep as they are now? How could I have known that I would miss him and get jealous once he moved on from me?

You are delusional Ciiru, that’s what happens to normal people. This is what happens when two people meet and fall apart, they break.

But why am I the only one breaking? Why am I the only one who is still caught up in this pain, hurt and regret?

He did his time Ciiru, now it’s time for you to do yours. I have known you all my life, I have loved you like a sister and you are my best friend, and I am sorry if you feel like I am not on your…



Oganga Mangiti

Oganga Mangiti, is a self-published poet & author | Best Seller and top writer | 2020 Bakanal De Afrique Fellow | Author of Love & Pain; To Heal A Broken Heart.